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Even if you are convinced of the benefits of adding force sensing to your robot, you might still have some good reasons for being uncertain.

Adding force sensing to your robot is an important choice. You want to make sure that you have considered all aspects of your task before making your final decision.


1. Will it work with my application?

Probably the most common question people have with force sensing is whether or not their application is supported. After all, it doesn't make sense to invest in a force sensor if it will be useless for your particular task.

Many taskscould使用力传感。但是,更好的问题是吗应该使用力传感。只使用它,如果它将为您的特定应用程序添加可衡量的好处。例如,如果您需要在工件上应用一致的力,检测碰撞或称重项目。


The force sensors used in robotics can be sensitive to movements. You might wonder if the robot needs to move slowly for the force sensing to work properly.

Some usershave certainly found that moving your robot slower produces a more accurate signal from force sensors. However, the robot doesn't need to move slowly for the force sensor to work and there are plenty of applications that don't require the highest accuracy.

3. Can I detect objects with force sensing?


Force sensors can also be used to detect objects. In fact, for some applications, a force sensor is a better option for detecting the presence of an object than the other sensing options. For example, force sensing can detect the surface of an object even in bad lighting conditions where the object is slightly occluded.

4. Is force sensing complex to deploy?


用软件喜欢188bet手球Robotiq Force can quickly program a variety of force sensing tasks through a simple interface. Some robots, like the Universal Robots e-Series, come with force sensing included in the robot itself, which removes the need to integrate an external sensor.

5. Will I need to implement force control?

强制控制is the name for a type of control algorithm that allows a robot to use the signal from a force sensor to affect its movement. It is distinct from position control, which is the most common way of controlling a robot.

When you look for information about force sensing for robots, you will often come across people talking about force control. However, with modern robots and software like Force Copilot, you can use force sensing without even having to know what force control is!

6. Will force sensing work in my environment?

Given the sensitivity of some force sensors, you might wonder if force sensing is compatible with your specific working environment. Maybe there is a lot of dust that could get inside the workings of the sensor or there is high humidity.

EN.vironmental conditions are certainly important to consider when choosing a particular sensing technology, but there is usually a sensor that will suit your needs. For example,FT 300-S配备IP 65进入保护,可保护其免受灰尘,可在20-80%的湿度下运行。

Robotiq Hand-e gripper using force sensing software to polish a door knob for a collaborative robot application.


Maybe your work environment has a lot of electrical noise and you are concerned that it could interfere with the sensor. This is a reasonable concern as some force sensors — e.g. those based on strain-gauge technology — do not work well in electrically noisy environments.

一些传感技术免受噪声的影响。例如,188bet手球Robotiq FT 300.使用电容技术,使其免于嘈杂的环境。这种相同的机器人技术188bet手球用于UR E系列综合力传感器。


Another common doubt about force sensing is that the sensors can't handle vibration.Some robot users肯定发现过度振动会影响来自力传感器的信号的准确性。

Vibration resistance in force sensors is a matter of degree. Force sensors will have a rating above which the sensor cannot handle vibrations. For example, theFT 300可以用振动操作,高达2g。


Cost is an important factor when making any decision about a new sensing technology. While some robots have force sensing already included in the robot itself, others will require you to purchase a separate force sensor to add this capability.

The most important calculation to make in this regard is a投资计算回报。如果您可以证明对机器人应用的增加力感应将对机器人单元的操作产生可测量的影响,那么成本可能是有意义的。

Do you still have doubts about whether or not force sensing is right for your specific application?Tell us in the comments below or join the discussion onLinkedIn,推特,Facebook, or theDOF专业机器人社区

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