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What’s New in Robotics? 05.05.2021

by汤姆绿色。上次更新于5月7日,2021年10:39 AM
Posted on May 07, 2021 10:39 AM

News briefs for the week take a look at a robot solution for retail out-of-stock’s massive $1 trillion inventory problem, smart robots sorting dumb trash, life-changing wearable robots for the knee and hand, a subsea robot that morphs between AUV and ROV, and speeding up novel chemical discoveries with AI and robots working together.


Talley The Robot是一个奇迹机器,可以在零售店发现备用商品。全球,储物外商品零售商花费1万亿美元,如报告IHL Group

在商店里的机器人在亚太地区,每年最差为5200亿美元亏损;北美北美1450亿美元,欧盟+米/亿美元。使用“空架(遇到32%的购物者)”,使其成为一种可行的解决方案。沃尔玛是一个信徒。沃尔玛通过10,500家全球商店进行了实验,但随后2月突然发射了机器人。沃尔玛都不是沃尔玛也不是Simbe机器人, Tally’s developer, offered a convincing reason for the dismissal.

Tally wasn’t unemployed for long.保存集市公司(204家商店)和Schnucks(60家商店) - 平均每家商店平均35k物品 - 最近欢迎与张开臂的混合。连锁店希望能够通过备用物品恢复每种人认为完全不必要的丢失。

Smart robots take on dumb trash

The intricacies of correctly sorting recyclables from trash can be a daunting task for a robot. Done right, it can be worth millions. Contaminating one type of recyclable with another, say, mixing aluminum cans with plastic bottles or vice versa, can ruin the true机器人做垃圾回收value of both.

放大器机器人学(Colorado) claims that artificial intelligence, as its AMP Clarity software is showing, can readily apply intelligence to trash recycling with a high degree of accuracy. It’s what AMP describes as Clarity’s “material characterization capabilities” at preventing the loss of recyclables to landfill.


Keurig和胡椒博士是顾客。4月初,系统部署到Evergreen and its parent company Greenbridge

Knee-brace robot reclaims mobility

Wearable robots—exoskeletons—offering evermore relief to those with challenging mobility problems. “More than 20 percent of the可穿戴式机器人全球人口我s limited by their body’s mobility,” with the Lancet reporting that of that number大约14300万有OA(膝盖的骨关节炎)。随着时间的推移,OA可以严重衰弱,许多需要手术膝关节置换。

机器人,AI灌注膝盖支撑漫游机器人(San Francisco) utilizes AI for an adapted technology that senses the wearer’s movements and adjusts accordingly. “Roam is focused on a massively underserved market,” says co-founder and CEO Tim Swift. The robotic knee brace uses “embedded sensors that can detect things like movement up and down stairs and standing up from a seated position. It utilizes a power source and air compressor to create motion to assist in movement.”




可穿戴式机器人exoskeleton数百万人失去了使用of one or both hands is an all-to-frequent effect from stroke。“在严重卒中后6个月,三分之一的人开发手腕和手工挛缩(失去被动关节运动范围),超过50%的人障碍的人不会重新获得职能。”

FDA刚刚授权Neurolutions’IpsiHand device to help stroke patients regain movement in the arm, wrist and hand through use of a brain-computer interface to re-educate the muscles.

The new device leverages brain-computer interface technology to assist chronic stroke by utilizing the uninjured, or ipsilateral, side of the brain to improve arm and hand function.




Versatility is always a nice quality to have in any robot.

aquanaut从Houston Mechatronics(德克萨斯州)是一个海底,“人工智能动力机器人系统”的能力,如此robot performing underwater taskscompany’s website reports, of “morphing between a long-range autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capable of performing intricate tasks underwater.”

When performing intricate tasks in its ROV mode, the Aquanaut uses another company-developed system called the奥林匹克手臂, which is automated arm hardware capable of performing tasks underwater using a variety of tools. Triumph Subsea Services has ordered 26 of the all-electric Olympic Arms for its growing fleet of ROVs.

NIC Radford,联合创始人,首席执行官和休斯顿机电一体化的CTO,以前LED NASA的人形机器人为国际空间站努力。他说,该公司正在跟踪在未来12个月内向商业和政府客户提供九个机器人产品。


AI & robotics working together

凯贝里奇(Cambridge, MA) uses artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and robotics to speed up the discovery of new chemicals. Specifically, ways to accelerate the synthesis of new molecules, which is of great interest to the German chemical giant Bayer R&D, especially its agricultural R&D.

“AI-augmented automated infrastructures have the potential to provide us with a totally new scale of support to unlock challenging chemistries,” said David Bernier, Science Fellow, Bayer Crop Science, R&D Disease.

Farmers worldwide are losing as much as 50 percent of their crops to weeds, insects and diseases. Bayer says accelerated synthesis, through work with Kebotix, will allow their scientists to gain speed and precision with innovative technologies to harness the immense potential of AI.

Dr. Jill Becker, Kebotix CEO and founder, is looking forward to the union. “Early phase projects often have unexplored chemistry which requires a lot of time to find its best or most effective use,” she says. It’s her hope that Kebotix’s self-running lab can optimize chemical reactions to speed discoveries.

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